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Plain English ESL offers worksheets and other curricula through Teachers Pay Teachers.

You can find our work there, including:

Native American Low Readability Leveled Passages for Context Clues Instruction

Native_American_Context_Clues These non-fiction leveled passages (approx 200 - 600 Lexile) provide opportunities to learn about Native Americans and find meanings of unknown words from synonyms, antonyms, and definitions.


Math Word Problems as Conflict and Resolution Lessons

Math_Problems_as_Conflict_LessonsEver thought about a math word problem as a language arts conflict needing to be resolved. This free graphic organizer helps your student find the essential conflicts in word problems that are solved by math operations.


ESL Glossary for Mercy Jackson Goes For a Ride


This is a glossary for the book Mercy Jackson Goes for a Ride by Kate DiCamillo. It is intended for as a comprehension tool for students with limited English vocabularies so they can participate in class and classroom discussions.

Aligning the Vocabulary of the Test with Instruction


This is a quick presentation about the importance of aligning the vocabulary and grammar of assessment with classroom instruction. By using the example of questions in another language, this presentation illustrates the need of both content and vocabulary instruction.


Newcomers Classroom Welcome Kit for International and ESL Students

The_International_StudentHave a child coming to your class that does not speak English and have no idea what to do? How do I help this child out and still teach the rest of my students? This 10 page, K-12 introductory booklet lets you know how to handle this increasingly common situation. Here is the information and tools that you need to know to make the your very first days go as smoothly as possible, for both of you! .   Teachers pay Teachers

The Earth's Layers in Plain English


A plain English lesson and worksheets differentiated for English Learners and Reluctant Readers.

Science standards SC.7,E.6.1, and Virginia 5.7d.  

Fossils and Fault Lines in Plain English

The_International_StudentA plain English lesson and worksheets differentiated for English Learners and Reluctant Readers. Science standards SC.7,E.6.5, and Virginia 5.7d and e.       Teachers Pay Teachers

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